August 30, 2015

Planning a Bus Trip? New York Bus Accident Lawyer Says Check Out the Company.

New York Bus Accident Lawyer Jonathan C. Reiter Offers Tips for Travellers.

New York City, (NY) -- Many Americans book charter bus tours in the fall to view the gorgeous leaves in New England. As part of that process, a consumer may worry about finding a safe and reliable bus company. New York bus accident lawyer Jonathan Reiter provides information on how a consumer can check the safety performance records of bus companies.


The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has developed a free mobile application called SaferBus, available at This app allows users to review performance data in five Behavioral Analysis and Safety Improvement categories to determine whether booking a trip with a particular bus company poses serious risks.


Bus companies are evaluated in five categories:

  1. Unsafe Driving. This category covers a driver who is driving in a dangerous or reckless manner, such as speeding, making improper lane changes, or driving while distracted.

  2. Fatigued Driving. This category addresses a driver who is driving while fatigued or ill or who fails to comply with Hours of Service regulations.

  3. Driver Fitness. This category addresses a driver’s lack of training or experience, failure to have a commercial driver’s license, or being medically unqualified to drive a bus.

  4. Controlled Substance/Alcohol. This category addresses a driver who is operating a bus while impaired by alcohol, illegal drugs, or misuse of legal medications.

  5. Vehicle Maintenance. This category addresses whether a company properly maintains its fleet and promptly repairs faulty brakes, bad lights, or other mechanical defects.


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