October 19, 2022

Manhattan Slip and Fall Lawyer Explains Comparative Negligence and Damages in Slip, Trip and Fall Cases

Learn about comparative negligence and damages in slip, trip, and fall cases.

In cases where the defendant or their insurance company successfully argues that the plaintiff’s negligence played a role in the slip and fall, the judge or jury can reduce the damages by the percentage of negligence attributed to the plaintiff. 

For example, assume your damages come out to $100,000, and the jury decides you are 30 percent responsible for the slip and fall, you would receive $70,000, as the court would subtract 30 percent of the damages from the original award.

The comparative negligence rule can still be an issue if you enter into a settlement negotiation with the property owner or their insurance company. They can still argue that you are responsible for some of the negligence that led to the slip and fall.

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